Location Hunting~ Colorado Springs Photography Tips

As photographers we are always (ALWAYS!) looking for fun places to shoot... places that will inspire us... places that are unique and all our own... places that when people see the images they say, "Where did you take these?!?" Well, look no further!  I'm here to give you a few tips on location hunting and finding those prime spots that will be all yours!

1.  Always be on the prowl.  When you're out and about, watch what you're driving past.  You just may find a hidden jewel you've seen a million times.

2. Don't look for the Taj Mahal.  Some of the best places I have ever discovered have been dinky places on the side of the road.

3. Don't be afraid to ask!  If something is private property give it a try!  It's amazing what people will do for a warm plate of chocolate chip cookies!

4. Look to the Internet.  Often times you can find really amazing places on flickr, Instagram, or even Facebook.

5. Ask fellow photographers to go location hunting with you. Raise your hand if finding an awesome new place makes you pee your pants just a touch.  (Trust me, everyone's hands are high in the air).  Your photog friend may see a vision that you would have otherwise missed!

6. Watch the light. Light can be sneaky!  Always moving around on us!  Sometimes an otherwise boring location turns into a magical photographer's oasis at certain times of day.  There are places I won't shoot at in the evening (you know, during that blessed golden hour?!) because they just don't work with the light the same as they do in the morning.

7. Don't be afraid to move things around.  Break a sweat and drag that tree trunk across a field to where the light is yummy!

Here are some images of a shoot I did a while ago.  My photographer friend and I found this location on the side of a busy road... there was even a bright blue dumpster there!

dead tree in dirt provides beautiful pictures in golden light

woman lays on dead tree after location scouting

textured tree provides beautiful light and location for maternity pictures

pregnant woman in pink laughs and cradles her tummy

location hunting found tree with green leaves in dirt field

maternity picture on tree trunk of beautiful blond looking down

Nature Walk~ Denver Children Photographer

On a fairly warm Sunday afternoon our little family went on a beautiful nature walk at Cherry Creek State Park in Denver.  It was just beautiful.  We saw all kinda of things like a "beach" (a lake), fish bones, deer tracks, rolie polies, and lots of other things that would entertain kiddos for hours.  With our favorite family past time being exploring beautiful Colorado, it was great to see a completely new park we haven't been able to enjoy yet. children playing with bugs and ring around the rosie together


father helping daughter hop over stream at cherry creek state park colorado

father daughters skipping along a path in denverThis picture of my sweet three year old just makes me giggle. She has such a skip in her step. It's just so her... she has such a big, fun personality.

sisters holding hands at a state park in denver colorado

Exploring~ Pikes Peak Children Photographer

It seems like every time my parents come up it's because something major has happened  (and I don't mean that in a good way). They don't get to come up "just because" all that often and when they do it's only for a few days.  I prefer their visits to be a week long... or longer.  :)  This time was close: 5 days.  Hey!  We'll take it! We spent Memorial Day up in the mountains exploring and getting some beautiful fresh air.  I think spending the day in the mountains with Bryan and my kids (and any other family that may be in town) is probably my most favorite thing to do.  It always feels like we are completely alone... like we have an entire world to discover.  This day was no exception.

This is my Glimpses 52 Chic Critique submission for the week... just barely squeaked it in!

Denver Butterfly Pavilion~ Denver Nature Photographer

Yesterday we took the kids to the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver.  It was really cool!  We had heard from a lot of people that it was worth going to and they were right!  The kids loved it.   They had more than just butterflies as you can see above.  They have a tarantula named Rosie that you can hold if you are one of the courageous folk.  I'm not.  :)  Then, if you are REALLY psychotic, you can even hold a huge roach.  SERIOUSLY!?!?  I wonder how many people actually do that.  I'd rather get a root canal.  Not kidding.

There were some beautiful butterflies that fluttered all around you (kind of alarming at times).  The kids were in complete awe.  (These butterfly pictures haven't been edited at all.  And I have tons more... just posting only a few since you probably don't care all that much.)

After we saw all the animals we went on the "Nature Walk" outside.  It was about 1/3 of a mile and had some cool birds as well as TONS of groundhogs!  I've never seen a groundhog before but these guys had a MAZE of tunnels they would pop out of. They were so cute!  (Although I'm glad they aren't doing that to my front yard.)  There were adult ones as well as baby ones.


This is my Chic Critique Forum Glimpses 52 submission for the week.

Sunday Drive~ Colorado Springs Nature Photographer

We love to take Sunday drives.  Correction:  Bryan and I love taking Sunday drives.  The kids merely put up with it.  We always explore different parts of Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.  Sometimes we go out looking for something specific (a camp ground or a national park).  Other times we just head out and see where we end up... and it's always somewhere beautiful!  As I have mentioned at least a thousand times, we love love love living in Colorado.  It's not really anywhere we truly thought we would end up raising our family but it's such a wonderful place with beauty everywhere you turn.  Here are a few pictures from our drive this week.  (I actually took my camera this time!!)


This is my Chic Critique Glimpses 52 post for the week.

Snow "Flurries"~ Colorado Springs Nature Photographer

I was under the misconception that November, December, and January were the super "winter" months nation-wide.... and they very well may be.  But that is NOT the case in Colorado Springs.  Nope.  We had a few snows in October (gasp!).  November and, frankly a big part of December, we pretty dry.  Cold, but dry.  (We did have one massive snow right before Christmas.) HOWEVER, the tail end of January and all of February so far has shaped up to be quite snowy.  The other night before we went to bed by sweetie told me that the weather app on his phone said there would be "snow flurries" throughout the night.  Well, those "flurries" decided they would rather be a full blown snow storm.  And we haven't dried up yet!  I love the snow... but I DON'T love being cold.  And cold is what I am these days.  When will spring come?  *sigh*  

At least it makes for good hot chocolate weather!

Chic Critique Glimpses 52 Project for the week.

Beautiful Pikes Peak~ Colorado Springs Nature Photographer

We are loving our new surroundings up here. Pikes Peak is one of our favorite little excursions.  We head out there every few weeks with the kids to let them explore.  (Right now being an exception because we are, that's right, potty training- groan...)  We love to go visit Crystal Lake Reservoir.  The kids absolutely adore picnics and exploring.  As long as Carter gets breaks every 5 minutes or so, he does great.

A view of Manitou Springs. It's such a cute little town!

Snow, Snow, Go Away... ~ Colorado Springs Nature Photographer

And, honestly, please don't come back until at least December.  I'm not built for snow.  I'm a San Diego girl at heart.  I did spend a few years up in Utah going to BYU (Go Cougs!) and decided after being frozen out of my car -I literally could NOT get the car door open- that Arizona's heat was a good fit for me.  Turns out that my sweet Bryan was an even better fit for me so I was easily convinced to move up to Colorado Springs to have him home more.  Totally worth it; don't get me wrong.  But this snow has got to go away.  The past two weeks have been beautiful, which was great after a few weeks of nasty wind and snow.  But then today it came back.  It wasn't suppose to... it was suppose to be chilly with a little rain... but nope.  There's for sure snow.  Annoying.  I was getting my hopes all kinds of up thinking spring was in the air... but alas... it is not.  Lame.  At least the snow is beautiful, even if it's not fun to drive in... or walk in... or anything in.  There's not enough to sled and Carter's sick so we're just kinda house ridden.  Lamer.  Oh well... Snow covered trees in colorado springs

Snow Covered Tree in Colorado Springs

Christmas tree in Colorado Springs