Snow "Flurries"~ Colorado Springs Nature Photographer

I was under the misconception that November, December, and January were the super "winter" months nation-wide.... and they very well may be.  But that is NOT the case in Colorado Springs.  Nope.  We had a few snows in October (gasp!).  November and, frankly a big part of December, we pretty dry.  Cold, but dry.  (We did have one massive snow right before Christmas.) HOWEVER, the tail end of January and all of February so far has shaped up to be quite snowy.  The other night before we went to bed by sweetie told me that the weather app on his phone said there would be "snow flurries" throughout the night.  Well, those "flurries" decided they would rather be a full blown snow storm.  And we haven't dried up yet!  I love the snow... but I DON'T love being cold.  And cold is what I am these days.  When will spring come?  *sigh*  

At least it makes for good hot chocolate weather!

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