Snow, Snow, Go Away... ~ Colorado Springs Nature Photographer

And, honestly, please don't come back until at least December.  I'm not built for snow.  I'm a San Diego girl at heart.  I did spend a few years up in Utah going to BYU (Go Cougs!) and decided after being frozen out of my car -I literally could NOT get the car door open- that Arizona's heat was a good fit for me.  Turns out that my sweet Bryan was an even better fit for me so I was easily convinced to move up to Colorado Springs to have him home more.  Totally worth it; don't get me wrong.  But this snow has got to go away.  The past two weeks have been beautiful, which was great after a few weeks of nasty wind and snow.  But then today it came back.  It wasn't suppose to... it was suppose to be chilly with a little rain... but nope.  There's for sure snow.  Annoying.  I was getting my hopes all kinds of up thinking spring was in the air... but alas... it is not.  Lame.  At least the snow is beautiful, even if it's not fun to drive in... or walk in... or anything in.  There's not enough to sled and Carter's sick so we're just kinda house ridden.  Lamer.  Oh well... Snow covered trees in colorado springs

Snow Covered Tree in Colorado Springs

Christmas tree in Colorado Springs