Denver Butterfly Pavilion~ Denver Nature Photographer

Yesterday we took the kids to the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver.  It was really cool!  We had heard from a lot of people that it was worth going to and they were right!  The kids loved it.   They had more than just butterflies as you can see above.  They have a tarantula named Rosie that you can hold if you are one of the courageous folk.  I'm not.  :)  Then, if you are REALLY psychotic, you can even hold a huge roach.  SERIOUSLY!?!?  I wonder how many people actually do that.  I'd rather get a root canal.  Not kidding.

There were some beautiful butterflies that fluttered all around you (kind of alarming at times).  The kids were in complete awe.  (These butterfly pictures haven't been edited at all.  And I have tons more... just posting only a few since you probably don't care all that much.)

After we saw all the animals we went on the "Nature Walk" outside.  It was about 1/3 of a mile and had some cool birds as well as TONS of groundhogs!  I've never seen a groundhog before but these guys had a MAZE of tunnels they would pop out of. They were so cute!  (Although I'm glad they aren't doing that to my front yard.)  There were adult ones as well as baby ones.


This is my Chic Critique Forum Glimpses 52 submission for the week.