Hot Mama


Melissa asked me to take some heads shots of her for her business.  She was just as excited as all of my seniors!  We were lucky enough to have a beautiful day and shot right in the middle of the afternoon!  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it when women take the time to have current head shots of themselves.  They are beautiful and deserve to feel that way.  Melissa is no exception! 

miss washington

No, but really.  She was Miss Washington.  I was lucky enough to learn from (and become friends with!) the uber talented Spanki Mills while I was in Seattle for the Chic Retreat a while back. She had this beautiful model for us to shoot.  It wasn't until later that I saw her business card and realized that she is currently serving as Miss Washington.  She was humble, cooperative, and so super sweet.  

Sweet Emily

Emily kind of got roped into this shoot. It started as her sister’s College Senior Pictures. Then we decided, “Why not get a picture of Katie and Emily together?” That quickly morphed into “Why not split the shoot in ½ and get pictures of each sister and some of them together. The shoot was full of laughing, sunshine, and a little wine shared between sisters. Hair: Sara Munson

Make-up : Sephora


wearing a jean jacket and a blue lace dress a young lady sits in a chair in a field

A woman in her young twenties smiles for the camera on a bridge

Leaning against a tree a brunette smiles in a red shirt

young woman acts flirty with the camera in a blue polka dot dress

Location Hunting~ Colorado Springs Photography Tips

As photographers we are always (ALWAYS!) looking for fun places to shoot... places that will inspire us... places that are unique and all our own... places that when people see the images they say, "Where did you take these?!?" Well, look no further!  I'm here to give you a few tips on location hunting and finding those prime spots that will be all yours!

1.  Always be on the prowl.  When you're out and about, watch what you're driving past.  You just may find a hidden jewel you've seen a million times.

2. Don't look for the Taj Mahal.  Some of the best places I have ever discovered have been dinky places on the side of the road.

3. Don't be afraid to ask!  If something is private property give it a try!  It's amazing what people will do for a warm plate of chocolate chip cookies!

4. Look to the Internet.  Often times you can find really amazing places on flickr, Instagram, or even Facebook.

5. Ask fellow photographers to go location hunting with you. Raise your hand if finding an awesome new place makes you pee your pants just a touch.  (Trust me, everyone's hands are high in the air).  Your photog friend may see a vision that you would have otherwise missed!

6. Watch the light. Light can be sneaky!  Always moving around on us!  Sometimes an otherwise boring location turns into a magical photographer's oasis at certain times of day.  There are places I won't shoot at in the evening (you know, during that blessed golden hour?!) because they just don't work with the light the same as they do in the morning.

7. Don't be afraid to move things around.  Break a sweat and drag that tree trunk across a field to where the light is yummy!

Here are some images of a shoot I did a while ago.  My photographer friend and I found this location on the side of a busy road... there was even a bright blue dumpster there!

dead tree in dirt provides beautiful pictures in golden light

woman lays on dead tree after location scouting

textured tree provides beautiful light and location for maternity pictures

pregnant woman in pink laughs and cradles her tummy

location hunting found tree with green leaves in dirt field

maternity picture on tree trunk of beautiful blond looking down

Miss Angela~ Colorado Springs Hot Mama Photographer

This woman hold a very dear place in my heart.  She is Carter's kindergarten teacher from last year.  When he got sick and we headed to the hospital, the first email I sent was to her.  To say that she was supportive and sympathetic doesn't begin to cover it.  She came to the hospital.  She tutored him for the rest of kindergarten.  She had all the kids write him cards.  She dealt with the parents in the class so they knew what was happening.  She bought him presents.  She would take him on walks to give him a break from the tutoring.  She's just the kind of girl you want to hang out with... go to a movie or dinner.  I hope we stay friends for a REALLY long time.  And I'm really hoping to take their family pictures after the holidays... hint, hint.  :)

Miss Kim~ Colorado Springs Hot Mama Photographer

I took pictures of the Hot Mama's beautiful familya few months ago... and we're in talks for taking some snow pictures (PLEASE!?!) some time this winter.  She's seriously awesome.  It's one of those examples of how every now and again "mixing business and pleasure" actually works out.  She has become a great friend of mine and I look forward to years and years of memories!