Maddie.  Wow.  She is just darling. Kinda quiet.  Completely beautiful.  Totally sweet.  Both of her parents came to her gorgeous early morning session which made it a family affair!  We had a lot of fun at a location I found just for her.  She wanted water.  Check.  She wanted fields.  Check.  She wanted to look beautiful.  Check, check, and check.  Maddie, thank you for allowing me to get to know your incredible family.  You are one seriously loved girl!!

leah {class of 2018}

Leah was my first senior for the Class of 2018.  Her shoot was so fun! I love it when my girls want to go urban because it only happens about 10% of the time.  I also love it when I get to take pictures of a past client's sister.  Leah was fun and happy.  She was up for anything and we even finished her session at the same place we finished Sophie's!  Loved spending time with this fun-loving family again!!

2017 pine creek varsity cheer team

The Pine Creek Cheer team got a new coach this year.  (Congratulations to Coach Bonnie who had a bouncing baby boy who she is staying home with!)  I had a lot of fun with the new coach, Dana, planning this shoot.  Her enthusiasm and apparent love for the girls is sweet to see.  I didn't think anyone could compare with Bonnie but she has proven me wrong.  We went with a plaid/camping theme and got to shoot at THE most beautiful property of one of the cheerleaders.  Seriously.  22 acres.  A pond.  Endless trees.  A Campfire.  And GOATS!  OMG LOVVVVEEED the goats!

Good luck this year girls!  Be kind, be social, and knock 'em dead!

Class of 2017 Snowbunnies {JWP Spokesmodels}

When I decided to do a "Snow Bunnies" theme for my Class of 2017 Spokesmodel shoot this year I knew I would have to do the snow dance.  Sure enough, we had a super dry winter!  I was freaking out just a little bit... ok, a lot bit.  But the week of the shoot we had a monster snow storm that allowed for a snowy backdrop for these cute snow bunnies!  They were pretty darn cold by the end of the shoot but we had so much fun and they were super good sports!  This shoot is one for the books for sure!

Class of 2017 Spokesmodels~ Graduation Day

I can't believe their graduation day is a (not so) distant memory!  I remember my graduation day like it was yesterday.  I would give anything to have some pictures like these in my cap and gown. I love that we were able to incorporate their caps and gowns.  I also love that 4 different High Schools were represented!  Pine Creek, Palmer Ridge, Air Academy, and Lewis Palmer.  I just adore these High School Grads!

Class of 2017 Spokesmodels~ College Bound

Each year I get super excited to see where each and every one of my seniors heads off to college.  (I get equally excited for trade schools and gap years!!  I mean, come on!   A year to recover before you head off on another adventure?  Yes please!)  This year we had some really cool, random schools I haven't had seniors head to before including University of Chicago and Arkansas!  I love to live vicariously through my seniors as they head off to what will hopefully be the funnest four years of their lives.  Best of luck to each of you!!


My Class of 2017 season ended on a high note with this stunning senior.  Alyssa knew she wanted something different.  She knew she wanted sometime unique.  She knew she wanted something that not all of her friends had.  So.  That’s what we did.  She found a BREATHTAKING, one-of-a-kind location and she did an amazing job making sure the feel of her wardrobe went with the vibe of the location.  I couldn’t love this location more and I am REALLY hoping someone from the Class of 2018 wants to use it. Variety is the spice of life and this location doesn’t fall short in the variety department.


A few years ago I met Olivia’s older sister, Helena, and was lucky enough to take her senior pictures.  She even introduced me to what is now one of my favorite locations.  Olivia is just as wonderful and darling as her big sis, but, like most sisters, they couldn’t be more different.  Olivia’s sarcasm and fun personality is a breath of fresh air.  She kept us giggling as we ran from the clouds and played with balloons.  Olivia, I am SO glad you allowed me to be your senior photographer! 


Sophie’s senior pictures ended up stunning… but they came with their hair share of weather-stress. ;)  When we got to the location they had damned the water so there was no waterfall.  (what the what?!?)  We found water a little ways up…. And then MORE, unwanted water falling from the sky.  I was NOT entertained.  We finally headed to a new (non-rainy) location and had a blast.  I love it when I can surprise (“utter shock” might be more accurate) my clients.  I’m thrilled with her session and so were she and her mama! 


Sadie.  Where do I begin?  Her amazing hair?  Her killer fashion sense?  Her hilarious older sister that I got to photography not once, but twice?!  Her urban shoot was so fun.  We found some amazing walls to use as backdrops.  She changed her hair THREE times.  She was down with whatever idea I threw out there.  I just loved taking pictures of her and being able to get to know yet another amazing person from her family.  Her family is one of those that has a mansion in heaven just waiting there for them.  What amazing people.  So happy I can call them friends. 


I LOVED getting to know Kristen and her mom at her session.  Her senior session was full of highs and lows…. Starting with the POURING rain.  Guys.  Not kidding.  We ended up in South Denver before we finally escaped it.  And even when we did the wind was a little…. well, windy.  Kristen brought these super cool balloons with her to her sessions.  They were HUGE gold numbers.  2, 0, 1, and 7.  We got them out of the car to try to take a windy picture with them and before we walked 10 feet from the car off flies the 7… into the heavens.   I thought Kristen would burst into tears but instead she burst out laughing… which is what the rest of us did.  We decided to move forward with the rest of the balloons and just use them as a backdrop when off goes the 2!  It. Was. Crazy.  Despite the… we’ll call them “setbacks”, Kristen’s pictures turned out beautiful and you can’t tell we had that nutso weather.  So so grateful for girls like her who just roll with the punches.


I love it when my senior girls want to hire me as a photographer because they love my work… I mean, I know I can win over most girls but Kylie loved my photography.  And she’s an amazing artist so I take her admiration as a huge compliment!   She paid for the entire sitting fee on her own. 

After her session she would babysit for me from time to time (before my kids were old enough to stay home alone… holla!!!!) and she honestly became a friend.  I can’t wait to see what she does with her life… after she’s done kicking some serious trash at Northern Arizona University on their soccer team!  Go NAU!


Last year when I did Morgan’s pictures, Elly came along for the rainy ride.   I knew right then I really wanted to take her senior pictures.  I just love doing pictures for kind people.  Elly is the oldest of a large mixed brood and she pulls it off well.  She is a fabulous golfer who is committed to Santa Barbara City College.  There’s not a doubt in my mind that Elly will do some amazingly awesome things with her life.  Plus, she’s easy on the eyes… that never hurt anyone!  ;)


You guys.  This location was INSANE!!!  I COULD.NOT get over the flowers.  Carmen found this amazing place while on a motorcycle drive with her daddy-o one Sunday afternoon.  I went on complete faith that she knew a good location when she saw it. Gotta be honest, I peed a little when we pulled up.  Then I wanted to hide it from the world so it wouldn’t get trampled by people wanting to snap a picture with an Iphone.  (We were CRAZY careful when shooting in the flowers.)  I can’t wait to head back there this summer… to the place I will forever call “Carmen’s flower field.”


If I had a dime for each time I heard sweet Alysa giggle during her photoshoot I would be a rich mama!  Her sweet, loving personality shined at her session… as did that awesome dimple!  Alysa is a natural girl who doesn’t wear a lot of make-up on the daily, so I wanted to make sure we dolled her up just a TINY bit, while keeping her natural look being the driving force in the pictures.  I will admit though, getting ONE serious picture from her pretty little face was a challenge.  And it ended up being one of her favorites!  Jen for the win!! 


Cheyenne is so so SO darling. She is incredibly kind.  She’s crazy smart.  She’s super hard working… And she was also trying not to puke through the entire session!!  She is very natural in front of the camera, despite not feeling 100%... or even 50% for that matter.  I have kept in touch with her throughout her senior year and am so happy for her that she is feeling so well now (it was a long, mysterious sickness!) and hope that she will enjoy her last semester of high school.  Cheyenne, you and your hair are a 10 out of 10 and I just adore your guts!!


Taylor's shoot was urban and nature.  We finished her super cute city looks and as we were walking back to the car the rain came in full force.  It was crazy!  It poured the entire way to our next location and as we got there, the rain stopped and the sun came out!  It was perfect timing!  Did I mention that Taylor has been accepted to college?!  What a smarty! So proud of this girl!

kierlyn and ryden

This brother sister combo was awesome.  They got along but had that cute bother/sister feistiness.  While Mom didn't find it quite as funny as Tara and I did, those two kept us in stitches!  I absolutely LOVED my time with them AND, as we were finishing up the shoot I put together that her sister in law is one of my all time favorite co-workers from back in my teaching days!  What a small world!!