When I put on social media that I wanted to do a few shoots at the Colorado State Fair Sarah contacted me immediately.  Now that I know her better I can see what a natural fit that was.   She is full of personality and laughter.  The best words I can think of to describe her personality are bright and infectious.  I truly fell in love with this girl and her family. 


Anja is a Senior at Cheyenne Mountain High School.  She is so beautiful and has a really fun-loving personality.  She has grown up with both parents in the military and so well adjusted and really resilient because of it.  I love getting to know seniors who have grown up military because they have been to so many cool places and are normally more mature than their peers.  Anja, I loved your locations and how your pictures turned out.  They’re just stunning!  As are you!



I loved every last bit of Regan's shoot.  She is super laid back, organic, and natural and wanted to go to the Paint Mines which is THE coolest and most unique location ever!  Plus, her mama is my hubby's cousin so that was an added bonus.  And the icing on the cake is that when I was editing her pictures I noticed that she and my husband have the same color eyes.  They are oh-so-beautiful!  Regan, you are one of a kind and I absolutely ADORE you!!



For Ki's shoot we went to the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo.  It was soooo much fun!  It was also soooo hot!  She was a champ with the heat and the chaos which is the fair.  Her shoot was colorful and vibrant. 

I loved getting to know Ki.  Her future is undoubtedly bright.  She is heading off to Seton Hill University to play softball next year.  Softball is definitely her passion and seeing all of her jerseys since we was a little 4 year old was such a fun, creative way to pull her life-long love of softball into her session. 



That moment when you're standing there taking someone's senior pictures and you have a flashback to when you use to change their diapers... and it feels like yesterday!  haha!  Jay is the son of my super sweet cousin.  I also grew up with his Dad's younger brother.  We were great friends all through high school.  Doing his older sister's senior pictures last year was the icing on the cake.  Jay was lucky enough to head back to Parker to finish up high school with all of his old friends.  It's been so fun to watch him grow up. He's a lot taller than me and has a big deep voice.  When did he get so old?!  When did I get so old?!?!?!?  

nick (class of 2018)

When Nick's mom first contacted me one of the first things she asked me was, "What do I have him wear?  I don't remember the last time I saw him in anything aside from baseball clothes!"  haha!!  Now that's passion!  I think Nick cleans up real nice.  I love his hair... reminds me of my son's hair.  He was so social and super chatty during his shoot.  He didn't even seem to mind having two cameras shoved in his face for an hour!  Plus, we saw nice, fresh bear tracks!  Yay...?


Bri is so so fun!  She was the missing piece to the puzzle!  I met her parents and their younger sister at her older sister's photoshoot a few years ago.  Bri knew she wanted something different.  And we gave her just that!  She may have been a little cold at her shoot but she was a trooper.  I have loved learning all about her and her adventures.  Seriously, this girl has been a full on globe trotter!  I think maybe next time she needs to bring me along to take pictures of her at all of these killer locations!  ;)

sweet ava

Boy, did we get the run around from the weather.  Ava wanted so badly to have the beautiful sun in her pictures and the chance of rain was getting higher and higher the closer we got to the shoot.  So last minute we switched it to the morning (and when I say morning, I mean people are showing up at your home at 4:50am to start beautifying you!).  I'm SOOOO happy we did.  We have a ton of sunshine with spots of cloudy weather, which was just perfect!  Her pictures turned out so so beautiful and I just can't say it enough... morning shoots equal sunshine!  Afternoon shoots equal lots of finger crossing!  ;)


I woke up at 3:45am the morning of Preston's shoot (which started bright and early at 6:30!!) to the pitter patter of rain on my window. Normally this would be a lovely, comforting sound... but not when I'm going out for a session in a few hours!  Shortly after we got to Preston's first location the weather cleared up and we had THE most amazingly beautiful morning involving city scape, graffiti walls, metal stairs, open roads, water, old bridges... it was such a cool shoot!

audrey and hannah squared

I had a LOT of fun beating the rain with these beauties from Cheyanne Mountain High School.  They were so fun to work with and I loved their fashion choices.  They pulled off two very trendy looks that are normally both very neutral looks.  Somehow they managed to pull in color and lots of different textures as well as tons of accessories!  I really hope we get to do it again sometime.  Maybe in the snow!!


Mary is a gem.  She is tall and beautiful.  She is kind and smiles all the time.  Her shoot was super laid back... until the lightning started.  Don't worry, it was off in the distance so we were good to shoot.  We did finish her shoot in record time though.  Just before the rain began.  But, we had sunshine, wind (lots of it!), lightning, beautiful deep skies, and FLOWERS!  Our ever elusive flowers in Colorado are hard to nail down.  Mary, thank you for letting me be your photographer. Your shoot was uh-mazing!!!


I have gotten to know Allison the last several years through the Pine Creek Cheer shoots.  She is am amazing cheerleader but I am super happy for her that she decided to just take it easy and enjoy her senior year sans cheer.  (But sad for the cheer team!) Allison is amazing and sweet and loves playing with kiddos.  If the future of America is going to fall into anyone's hands, it should be hers!!  (Speaking of America, her super cool brother, Jake, is protecting our country by serving in the Marines now!  So so so proud of him!)  


Victoria is so sweet. She is a quite soul who loves to laugh, spend time with her family, and play tennis.  I loved my time with her and her darling little brother and sweet mama.  Her brother spent the entire shoot catching grasshoppers.  He knows the names of the different kinds.  He loves them.  He touches them!  His mom is a saint for letting them come into her home!!  

sarah lane {studio twelve} senior workshop

I have been lucky enough to learn from a LOT of amazing photographers like Heidi Hope, Jean Smith, Spanki Mills, Courtney Dailey, Leah Remillet, and Kelli France. This workshop with Sarah Lane (owner of Studio Twelve) was nothing less than wonderful. It was enlightening and reassuring to know that I am doing what I love. She walked me through some things I struggle with and we ended the day with a shoot with 6 Napa Valley high school seniors from her Class of 2016 Model Team.  


Brian's shoot.  Oh my gosh.   The weather that morning was super heart eyes.  Brian was a trooper and changed his clothes several times.  It was sweet watching he and Robyn (his darling mama) interact.  They obviously get along and she has a lot of respect for him.  Plus, we got to see a BEAR!!!  That's right!  A not super small black bear was running (parallel to us, thank goodness) about 150 yards away.  It was a great distance.  Pretty sure I would have scaled the nearest tree only to discover that the bear too, could scale said tree, if it had headed our way.  That's the first time I have ever seen a bear outside of captivity.  So exciting!!  

A big thank you to this guy for referring Brian over to me.  Thank you, Zach!

carli {2018 Senior}

Carli was referred to me by a past senior.  I love it when I get referrals from past clients because (1) it means they really did love their images and (2) I get to hear silly stories about them... like them doing the worm all the way down their friend's hallway.  ha!  Carli's shoot was so very beautiful. It was at one of my FAVORITE locations.  While I have sat in my car waiting out the rain at countless shoots, I gotta say, this was the first time I have ever sat in my car waiting out the WIND!  I thought that poor girl was going to blow away along with her mama who was holding onto Luke (my trusty reflector) for dear life!  It finally calmed down and we got some amazing pictures of this stunning blonde.


Maddie.  Wow.  She is just darling. Kinda quiet.  Completely beautiful.  Totally sweet.  Both of her parents came to her gorgeous early morning session which made it a family affair!  We had a lot of fun at a location I found just for her.  She wanted water.  Check.  She wanted fields.  Check.  She wanted to look beautiful.  Check, check, and check.  Maddie, thank you for allowing me to get to know your incredible family.  You are one seriously loved girl!!

leah {class of 2018}

Leah was my first senior for the Class of 2018.  Her shoot was so fun! I love it when my girls want to go urban because it only happens about 10% of the time.  I also love it when I get to take pictures of a past client's sister.  Leah was fun and happy.  She was up for anything and we even finished her session at the same place we finished Sophie's!  Loved spending time with this fun-loving family again!!

2017 pine creek varsity cheer team

The Pine Creek Cheer team got a new coach this year.  (Congratulations to Coach Bonnie who had a bouncing baby boy who she is staying home with!)  I had a lot of fun with the new coach, Dana, planning this shoot.  Her enthusiasm and apparent love for the girls is sweet to see.  I didn't think anyone could compare with Bonnie but she has proven me wrong.  We went with a plaid/camping theme and got to shoot at THE most beautiful property of one of the cheerleaders.  Seriously.  22 acres.  A pond.  Endless trees.  A Campfire.  And GOATS!  OMG LOVVVVEEED the goats!

Good luck this year girls!  Be kind, be social, and knock 'em dead!