Chloe is absolutely as sweet as they come. She is so beautiful and was a champ at her really chilly photoshoot. Seriously. It was cold. We tried out a fresh location that I had only been to once. I’m so glad we did because it was PERFECT for her. So much variety and just stunning! Chloe, thank you for letting me take your pictures! I had a great time and can’t wait to see where you dance off to after high school. Somewhere amazing, no doubt!


Doing Easton’s senior pictures was really fun. It was a long time coming and something I have been talking to his mom (and my best friend!) about for years. I honestly can’t believe he is old enough to be a senior. Where has the time gone? Just to make things more interesting, Easton went skateboarding the night before his shoot and totally chipped his tooth… his FRONT tooth. ha! I photoshopped that sucker and he went and got it fixed from his awesome dad later that day. :)

hunter's mission pictures

I took Hunter’s senior pictures last summer. We went urban and they turned out awesome. He is now prepping to head off to Argentina and teach the people there about Christ for the next two years. I couldn’t be more proud of him! Seems like a good thing to take pictures for, right?? He chose an amazing location with beautiful views. We even got some impromptu hiking in. Loved every moment!


Naimh and I talked for MONTHS before we finally got to the actual session. Between her fun and busy college life, weather issues (ehem, SNOW!), and waiting for things to finally become green, we had many moons. ;) But it was totally worth the wait. Her pictures are just stunning. And she is so sweet and fun. Her boyfriend is probably the best assistant I’ve ever had. I offered him a job but I think this whole college education thing is going to win out. ;)


I have known Whitney for a few years now and can I just tell you that she gets more and more darling (and beautiful) with each passing year. Whitney decided she wanted a graduation session, which is ALWAYS a good idea! The first date we had lined up in late May met us with over TWELVE INCHES OF SNOW! Not funny, Colorado! I’m so glad we were able to head out later that week and find nothing but sunshine. I’m completely smitten with her images. They’re so beautiful… because she’s so beautiful!

shawna- 2019 spokesmodel

Shawna is absolutely ADORABLE! Her parents are equally as fabulous. It was her daddy-o that found this amazing car for our 70’s themed shoot. I loved it so much and the shoot wouldn’t have been the same without it! The shoot also wouldn’t have been the same without Shawna. She is such a sweet person. She is also beautiful but being kind is so much more important! Nothing but pink puffy hearts for this high school grad!

class of 2019 spokesmodel team

This shoot was SO much fun!! I let the girls come up with the theme (70’s!!) and we just ran with it. The car was so much fun. Shawna’s dad had a very kind friend who washed it and drove it all the way downtown and let the girls climb all over and all inside it. They had a ball with it! I can’t thank him enough!!

team 2020's kyria

Kyria is different than my other TEAM 2020 girls. She is actually of the Class of 2021… which means I get to enjoy her for TWO years!!! Whaaaa? Are you as excited as me?!?1 When she approached me about NOT being an incoming senior and asked if she could still be part of TEAM 2020, I just couldn’t resist! I mean, who could tell this adorable face no!? I am beyond thrilled to hang out with this darling girl for the next few years. I see some fun times in our future!!

team 2020's abby

I have been super lucky to have taken pictures of Abby for a few years. I have also done her older brother’s senior pictures AND her older sister is one of my Class of 2019 Spokesmodels! I can’t wait to get to know Abby better. If there’s anything I’ve learned through shooting the last 11 years it’s that siblings are typically really different. Only once have I had siblings want the same location. Abby’s Senior Session this summer will NOT be a let down, I’m sure!


Every now and then I will do something even MORE custom than I typically do. You just have to ask me really nicely. ;) For this shoot we headed up to the mountains and while my cute family snowboarded the day away Ryden, his mama, and myself went in search of the perfect locations for his snow shoot. And we definitely found them.

I can’t believe Ryden is graduating in a little less than two months!! Seems like a few months ago that I was taking pictures of him and his adorable sister. He has grown into such a cool guy with a very bright future. He’s so polite, so sweet, so funny, and suuuuuuper in love with being outside. I can’t wait to see what his future holds! (Aside from lakes, ski slopes, sand dunes, and all kinds of fun adventures!)

introducing team 2020

These girls! Ugh! They’re AMAZING!!!! I am BEYOND thrilled to have them as my TEAM 2020 girls. They are the face of my company for the next year. They will be getting to know me reallllly well as we spend time together not only at their personal senior sessions but also at some killer bonus sessions! I adore my group of Spokesmodels each and every year and this coming year won’t be any different!

Here’s to a killer Class of 2020!!

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Maycee is amazing. She’s CRAZY talented in the dancing world and spends countless hours each week dancing and driving to and from her studio which is an hour away. She is somehow able to stay on top of her school work and be an amazing sister to her older brother and 4 younger siblings. I’ve known Mayc forever (almost) and I can attest to the fact that this girl has NEVER gone through an awkward stage or even taken a bad picture. (No you haven’t, Maycee!!) I CANNOT wait for her senior pictures… which, sadly, will be here before we know it. Love you so dang much, Maycee moo!! Please stop growing up just for a minute!!