kyle and kaitlyn

I had the wonderful privilege of taking Kyle and Kaitlyn's engagement pictures.  I did Kyle's senior pictures a few years ago and his younger brother, Jason's senior pictures last year.  We were blessed with a beautiful day so we were only chilly, rather than freezing. I adore engagements because it's them against the world.  They are ready for anything.  They are optimistic.  And they normally LITERALLY have hearts in their eyes.  ;)  These two were no exception!

Nick and Naomi

Naomi is Bryan's youngest sister.  (Bryan's the oldest of 8!!)  I've known her since she was teeny tiny and have loved watching her grow up.  And I gotta say, she chose a good one.  Nick seems amazing.  He seems driven and kind.  He's funny and, most of all, puts up with this cute baby of the family.  ;)  I can't wait to get to know him better over the next forever and I'm super excited for my kids to have another uncle!  Congratulations, you two!  I have no doubt that the wedding will be far past perfect! Make-up: Sephora


engaged couple kisses in the grass

Showing off that bling.

couple snuggles under a big tree.


lovers snuggle under a tree in the golden light.

headshot of engaged couple

Hannah and Jon

These two... we had to reschedule their shoot twice because of weather and then on the day of the shoot we had a bit of a make-up mishap.  It was quite the ordeal getting their pictures taken.  Good thing they have a few years before they get married! :) They have been together for five years, since they were sophomores in high school.  They have the cutest love story!  Thank you so much for choosing me for your engagement pictures!

engaged couple snuggles up in the grass

couple walks along a path and chats quietly

beautiful golden light frames a couple while they cuddle up to each other

kissing on a bridge a couple steals a quiet moment

lovers play chase with Garden of the Gods as a backdrop

couple snuggles up on a blanket



Love!~ Colorado Springs Engagement Photographer

Last year I went to an awesome photography retreat put on by the one and only Kelli France.  It was so much fun getting to know some really sweet girls and learn about how they run their photography businesses and what has worked for them.  I learned a lot and it made me want to actually take pictures again.  (I was pretty emotionally drained and was NOT into working at that point.)  We had a few sessions set up which was perfect for me!  This session in particular of Kelli's brother-in-law and his wife was so fun!  They're young and cute!  They were up for anything.  And they're stunning.  All of those qualities coupled with amazing light... it was perfect. As a randome side note, this darling girl makes SUUUUUPER cute hats for babies.  Like, we are talking, crazy adorable.  Go check her out HERE.

Nellie and Justin~ Gilbert Arizona Love Photographer

Nellie is seriously the coolest.  We have a blast together.  She is one of Bryan's youngest sisters so when she told us that she was getting married we all told her that 12 year olds were NOT allowed to get married.  Turns out she's NOT 12 anymore.  (I shed a tear or two over that one...)   We aren't even going to discuss how long ago they got married.  Life got busy.  Summer happened.  (Yeah... that long ago.) She married an amazing Samoan man who we all adore.  I have a special place for the Samoan culture that dates back to my days spent in New Zealand.  (Don't even get me started on that country... I love it so much!)  As I have mentioned before, I am not a wedding photographer.  I did some pictures of Nellie and Justin in their wedding attire and had a lot of fun.  Newlyweds are the best because they can do googly eyes at each other for hours on end.  :)

Side Note:  They got married so long ago that Nellie is now pregnant with a cute BIG baby girl.  Can't wait to meet her in a few months!


beautiful bridecolorado springs couple in love colorado springs kissing couple mesa arizona temple wedding stunning colorado springs bride







Noelle and Ryan~ Gilbert Wedding Photographer

Noelle.  Wow.  Where to start.  She's amazing.  She's one of my baby sisters (by marriage... but who's counting).  I ADORE her.  We have had so much fun together over the past 10 years and watching her grow from a little girl to a perfect woman has been something I wouldn't have missed for the world.  I couldn't narrow it down so here's a TON of pictures from their shoot (at high noon might I add... poor girl was boiling in her dress).  Their wedding was amazing and wonderful and amazing... and wonderful... and amazing... :)

Sneak Peek~ Phoenix Wedding Photographer

As mentioned before, I am NOT (N.O.T.) a wedding photographer.  I just don't have it in me.  It's not my passion.  If I could spend every day of my life shooting Seniors and Hot Mamas, I would be one happy lady.  That being said, while I was in Arizonafor the past few weeks I got to take pictures of not one but TWO brides.  Both brides are Bryan's sisters.  It was seriously SOOOOO much fun!  I have a lot of really cute pictures but haven't edited a ton yet so here's just one.  :)

This is also my Glimpses 52 picture of this week for Chic Critique.  While I normally do a snapshot from my daily life, this one is special.  Noelle is part of my life, and now, so is her sweetie.  We can't wait to get to know him!!!  He's seriously one lucky guy.  Noelle is A.MA.ZING.  LOTS more pictures to come!

Kristin and Wes~ San Diego Engagement Photographer

This sweet girl is one that I have known forever. Literally.  For.  ev.  er.

Our dad's have been best friends since they were 19 years old serving missions in Italy together.  And our moms... well, they are besties, too; teaching church classes together for the last I don't even know how many years.  I use to make Kristin and her sister play with my hair during church.  And they did!  And they enjoyed it!  It was great.  Now Kristin babysits my kids when we go to San Diego.  She has become such an amazing woman and I'm so excited she has found someone to spend eternity with.  I'm excited to shoot their wedding next month, too!  (Even though I do NOT do weddings...  Do.  Not.  So don't come cryin' to me if the pictures turn out super crappy.) :)

Nona and Papa~ Breckenridge Family Photographer

My parents are pretty awesome.  They are super in love.  They have been married for over 35 years and are going strong.  How many couples can say that?!  They never fight.  And when I say never I literally mean just that.  Never.  They will calmly talk things over but they never raise their voices at each other.  They were a wonderful example to us growing up. They came up to Breckenridge with us.  It was so much fun having them along, espeically since Bryan had to come back down to work for the second 1/2 of the week.  The kids adore my parents as well.  They love playing with them, snuggling with them... really anything.  I love my parents so much and am so lucky to have them around!



Love~ Colorado Springs Family Photographer

I'm sure they have similar pictures from when they were in college.... YEARS ago! :) Having my family come visit was a BLAST!  They are use to be beautiful, calm, predictable San Diego weather.  Well, they got anything BUT that when they came to see us in our new home.  My neices prayed and prayed for snow and, boy, was their prayer ever answered.  It was so great having all the snow.  We played, went sledding, played some more, and had more hot chocolate than I think we've had in our entire lives combined.  I can't WAIT for them to come back!!!