Nellie and Justin~ Gilbert Arizona Love Photographer

Nellie is seriously the coolest.  We have a blast together.  She is one of Bryan's youngest sisters so when she told us that she was getting married we all told her that 12 year olds were NOT allowed to get married.  Turns out she's NOT 12 anymore.  (I shed a tear or two over that one...)   We aren't even going to discuss how long ago they got married.  Life got busy.  Summer happened.  (Yeah... that long ago.) She married an amazing Samoan man who we all adore.  I have a special place for the Samoan culture that dates back to my days spent in New Zealand.  (Don't even get me started on that country... I love it so much!)  As I have mentioned before, I am not a wedding photographer.  I did some pictures of Nellie and Justin in their wedding attire and had a lot of fun.  Newlyweds are the best because they can do googly eyes at each other for hours on end.  :)

Side Note:  They got married so long ago that Nellie is now pregnant with a cute BIG baby girl.  Can't wait to meet her in a few months!


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