Kristin and Wes~ San Diego Engagement Photographer

This sweet girl is one that I have known forever. Literally.  For.  ev.  er.

Our dad's have been best friends since they were 19 years old serving missions in Italy together.  And our moms... well, they are besties, too; teaching church classes together for the last I don't even know how many years.  I use to make Kristin and her sister play with my hair during church.  And they did!  And they enjoyed it!  It was great.  Now Kristin babysits my kids when we go to San Diego.  She has become such an amazing woman and I'm so excited she has found someone to spend eternity with.  I'm excited to shoot their wedding next month, too!  (Even though I do NOT do weddings...  Do.  Not.  So don't come cryin' to me if the pictures turn out super crappy.) :)