Sneak Peek~ Phoenix Wedding Photographer

As mentioned before, I am NOT (N.O.T.) a wedding photographer.  I just don't have it in me.  It's not my passion.  If I could spend every day of my life shooting Seniors and Hot Mamas, I would be one happy lady.  That being said, while I was in Arizonafor the past few weeks I got to take pictures of not one but TWO brides.  Both brides are Bryan's sisters.  It was seriously SOOOOO much fun!  I have a lot of really cute pictures but haven't edited a ton yet so here's just one.  :)

This is also my Glimpses 52 picture of this week for Chic Critique.  While I normally do a snapshot from my daily life, this one is special.  Noelle is part of my life, and now, so is her sweetie.  We can't wait to get to know him!!!  He's seriously one lucky guy.  Noelle is A.MA.ZING.  LOTS more pictures to come!