Love!~ Colorado Springs Engagement Photographer

Last year I went to an awesome photography retreat put on by the one and only Kelli France.  It was so much fun getting to know some really sweet girls and learn about how they run their photography businesses and what has worked for them.  I learned a lot and it made me want to actually take pictures again.  (I was pretty emotionally drained and was NOT into working at that point.)  We had a few sessions set up which was perfect for me!  This session in particular of Kelli's brother-in-law and his wife was so fun!  They're young and cute!  They were up for anything.  And they're stunning.  All of those qualities coupled with amazing light... it was perfect. As a randome side note, this darling girl makes SUUUUUPER cute hats for babies.  Like, we are talking, crazy adorable.  Go check her out HERE.