Senior Spokesmodels {Class of 2015}

Oh.  My. Goodness.  This shoot was UH-MAZING!  I lost sleep for weeks with all the rain we were getting.  I was so worried about getting my girls out there without them getting dumped on.  Not gunna lie, it rained for the first 20 minutes. But then... then it STOPPED!  YESSSSSSS!  The weather was far from perfect but these girls had so much fun and made the best of it.  Because of this shoot, I am going to start offering Best Friend Shoots.  (Anyone have a catchier name for them?)  Anyway, These girls are adorable.  And beautiful. And sweet.  And hilarious.  Pretty much, I wish I was in high school again so I could hang out with all of them and steal their fab sense of style.  Kaylyn, Peyton, Haley, Chelsie, and Helena were an absolute dream to work with... and I got to work with them all TWICE.  Jack.pot. senior girls pose in prom dresses in an alley with attitude and sass

friends in prom dresses laugh and pose together on city streets

graduating friends take a picture of themselves in cap and gowns

teenage girls in cap and gowns laugh and celebrate together

girls throw caps in the air to celebrate graduating from high school

friends take selfies in future college shirts

blonde girls pop each others bubbles in casual outfits

playing it cool on a beach cruiser teen girls giggle and pop bubbles

colorado springs senior girls blow bubbles from bubble gum together

friends ride bikes and giggle together on wet alley street

teen girls ride beach cruiser on city streets in colorado university boulder buffalo shirts

senior girls work a baseball field with bats balls and mits

teen girls enjoy a view of the rockies in casual attire