When Peyton and I met for our in person consultation she wanted something different.  She wanted a funky location that not all of her friends had.  I delivered on that.  This was a cool location that I got access to from another photographer.  It was a location I was also dying to try so working with Peyton was a great fit!  I have worked with her before a few times and was able to see her awesome personality show through.  Thank you, Peyton, for giving me the opportunity to capture you! Colorado flag s help with pride

white romper and a rustic barn surround this jaw dropping woman

red barn and a black hat compliment her natural beauty

bright colored planes serve as a stunning background for high school girl

senior girl posing on an airplane wing in airport hanger

blond teen girl laying down with 2015 sign

white feathered prom dress wearing girl sits on wheel of an airplane