Sweet Chelsie

I cannot begin to tell you how much I like Chelsie.  She is so kind.  She has a lot of friends and rightfully so.  I first met her at Addilyn's 5th birthday party.  I then met her again... and again... and again.  I really enjoyed my time with her and am REALLY excited that she is one of my Senior Spokesmodels for the Class of 2015.  That means I get to so another session with her at the end of her senior year!  Woot!  

cream sweater blue jeans boot socks and orange scarf

field of flowers surround senior cheerleader while she sits and smiles

orange scarf and braided hair complete a look

head shots of beautiful teen girl

beautiful girl lays in field wearing pink pants and white strapless top

girl sits on blue crate and smiles while she blows bubbles.

plaid shirt wearing girl blows confetti while sitting in a green field

crouching in a field of flowers girl in white shirt looks around

balloons fly away from senior girl while she looks on

girl rides skateboard while she holds bushel of balloons

girl in blue and white striped shirt wears red bubble necklace