Meet Virginia~ Colorado Springs Children Photographer

You just sang the song in your head, didn't you?  I did too... every time I see a picture of her I do.  But that's okay.  Mama said it doesn't bother them.  She's named after her wonderful grandmother so it's a good name (and an awesome song, I think!). This sweet little thing is near and dear to my heart.  Her mom and I have been friends since we were 15 years old... so... what's that, like, 10 years? ;)  We went to EFY together, roomed together for a few years in college, and have had multiple roommate reunions over the years.  I LOVE her mama!  Like, TONS!  She has grown into such an amazing woman, who married an amazing man, and together they made an amazingly cute little person!

A few weeks ago, Laurie was in town with her husband on business so she decided to head down and see me.  We hadn't planned on doing pictures but while she was en route I called her and offered.  We took pictures for all of 15 minutes and I got 40 {FORTY} amazing images.  Virginia was a DREAM to take pictures of and between her happy attitude, my kids who very willingly stood my and made her giggle, and my reflector, we made short work of our impromptu shoot in my family room.  If only ALL shoots were this easy!!!


Her darling headband is by Design Stash.

She's the most kissable thing ever!

This picture... I heart it.