Wishful Thinking... Colorado Springs Cancer (?) Photographer

When Carter was diagnosed nearly two weeks ago (seems like it's been SOOO much longer than that but also feels like it was just yesterday) his oncologist asked if I stayed home with the kids.  I told her yes but that I did some photography on the side for fun.  She mentioned a company to me that donates their time (and digital images) to children with cancer.  They do photo shoots of the child with cancer and one or two pictures of the family or the child with the siblings.  I INSTANTLY knew I wanted to be involved.  I have emailed the company and am waiting to hear back.  This is something I would seriously love to take part in.  It's something I would have wanted to be involved in whether Carter had gotten leukemia or not.  I love being involved in charity type of things and providing a service that maybe not everyone can provide and give something to a family in need that may not be able to afford it otherwise.  I like to think of myself as a "pay it forward" kind of person.  (I'm sure I have more than my fair share of "selfish" moments... I should work on that!) So, hopefully at some point when we get Carter into the maintenance phase of his chemotherapy (in 6 months) I can start serving like that.  We'll see if this company accepts me.  If not, then I'll just try to do it on my own.  I'm sure I can give the oncologist my cards and she can pass it along to people who would be interested.