Family~ Colorado Springs Children Photographer

Presents from the family We really try to have the girls come in and see Carter at the hospital... problem is that Preslee is a walking tornado (love her dearly) and Addilyn's interest isn't held for longer than 5 minutes.  The entire visit (which on average last for 10-15 minutes) is spent following Pres around and stopping her from messing with the IV tower or stopping her from yanking things off the counter, or telling Addilyn that she needs to play the game on the iPad by herself or telling her to leave Carter's brand new things alone.... it's exhausting.

Future Doctor of America

BUT... we feel it's important for them (especially Addi) to see Carter here in order to better understand that he is really really sick.  She keeps saying "When Carter comes home he's going to be all better!"  Nope.  Not the case.  Three years is a long time to a three year old... in fact it's a lifetime.  Carter also kind of shuts down when too many people are here at one time.  I think it's mostly Preslee because she's SO all over the place.  Often times he'll lay down and pull his blanket over his head.  Poor thing.

Brother and sister bonding in the hospital