Go Green... ~Colorado Springs Children Photographer

**Side note:  We did this the night of the 16th in order to assure he wouldn't get pinched Those who know Carter well know his favorite color is green.  Always has been and I kinda think it always will be.  We decided that since his hair is going to be falling out in the next month or something why not have some fun.  I am probably going to be one of those moms who tells him as a teenager that he'll look like a complete idiot if he dyes his hair some crazy color like green.  But this is so temporary and I think it will make the hair falling out a little easier on him.  Chelsea brought her daughter, Taeler over (the only child I have allowed near him aside from my own) and we went to town.  Chels does hair in all her spare time so it was good to have her there to help me.  We bleached the fo-hawk so that the color would really stick.  Then came the GREEN!  Here's a play by play of the evening.

Step one: Bleach

Dying the hair green

The side view