Castlewood Canyon~ Colorado Springs Children Photographer

One thing I love about Colorado are all the national parks. I know Arizona has them and so does California but I decided when we moved here that we need to get out more.  The kids are finally getting to the ages that they can go and play.  Together.  And have fun.  Together.  With us.  It's pretty much awesome. We still have nap for the wee one but until then it's party time.  So, off we went last month to a great national park, Castlewood Canyon. It was really fun. Preslee REFUSED to sit in the stroller (shocking) and would N.O.T. stay out of the snow (again, shocking).  The other two were whining 30 minutes into our walk (on pavement... not like it was a real hike) so THEY ended up in the stroller while we chased P around.  But, still, super fun.  I love my family so so much.  They are the best in the whole world.  I can't imagine more adorable kids or a more stellar husband.  We all have so much fun together and I can't believe I get to be with all these goofballs for eternity.

Children enjoying the beautiful scenery this Denver area park provides.

Brother and sister enjoying the view of the canyon below.