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I love layering for your Senior Session.  Why?  Well, it's simple.  You can get several looks without really changing.  Blazers are a great way to do this.  You can assemble a really darling outfit with a blazer and take pictures.  You can then take the blazer off and take more pictures!  You can then quickly throw on a scarf and take MORE pictures.   Three looks without even changing.  Taylor did this for her senior pictures and it worked beautifully!  It's genius, really. striped blazers, solid blazer, summer blazer, leather blazer

Black Blazer

Black and White Striped Blazer

Red and White Striped Blazer

Light Blue Blazer

Black and White Tailored Blazer

Black Lace Blazer

Burgundy and Cream Striped Blazer



Girlie Summer Outfit

I love it when girls go super duper girlie for one of their outfits for their shoot.  Every girl has a wee bit of girlie-girl in her so why not flaunt it every now and again? I tell my seniors that if they would like their hair up for part of our session together to get their hair done so it looks great down, then have their hair stylist do it up BEFORE they leave her house!  That way we can start with it up and let it down later in the session.  It's really hard to put your hair up during the session... not to mention the valuable time it takes!

Also, I'm sure you're thinking, "Why have a hat AND put your hair up in a bun?!"  Well, the hat doesn't have to be worn.  You can use it as an accessory... something for your hands to do.  Play with it.  Throw it up.  Use it to kind of hide behind while giving me a fun, flirty look.  So many choices!

a bun with a bow accents a shirt dress with heels and accessories


Shirt dress




Blue Heels

Coral Watch

Gold Watch  (In case the coral one isn't your thang!)

Gold Earrings

Super Cute Bun

Floral Fashion

Totally loving this outfit for a Senior Session!  Check out the stores below to find each piece of clothing.  I know I say this CONSTANTLY but ACCESSORIZE!  Can't you just see here how the accessories MAKE the outfit?  You don't even have to wear the glasses.  You could play with them or bite on the edge of them or just hold them!  A lot of these items are on the pricier side but it's so easy to just snag the look without breaking the bank! red shorts floral blouse jean jacket and glasses

Floral Blouse: New Look

Necklace: 1st Dibs

Ring: Kelly Wearstler

Earrings: Annette Ferdinansend (you're going to want to find a knock off for these ones!  YIKES!)

Glasses: My Theresa

Shorts:  Mango Red Demin Shorts

Stackable Bracelets

Chucks: (I love me a good pair of AllStars!  They go with EVERYTHING!)

Belt:  Maison Boinet (I have a massive crush on this belt!)

Jean Jacket: Scotch and Soda

Wear it Wednesdays! {Colorado Springs Senior Photographer}

I have decided that I need to start posting outfit options for my seniors.  They always end up looking SOOO darling but I know it's a stressful process; especially since they wear between 3 and 5 outfits.  (Although this year I will be aiming for at least 4!)  So, every now and then I will be posting some cute outfit options I find on line… none of these images are mine.  I also mention where I find everything along with the link to that store's website.  Enjoy!  (and please excuse the pixelation… It's just the size that they website posts the image on their end…) beautiful aqua sundress with a variety of shoes options for senior pictures

Wear any top to complete this modern outfit for your senior portrait session

Chic outfit for senior pictures with several accessories

Darling trendy senior outfit option