Girlie Summer Outfit

I love it when girls go super duper girlie for one of their outfits for their shoot.  Every girl has a wee bit of girlie-girl in her so why not flaunt it every now and again? I tell my seniors that if they would like their hair up for part of our session together to get their hair done so it looks great down, then have their hair stylist do it up BEFORE they leave her house!  That way we can start with it up and let it down later in the session.  It's really hard to put your hair up during the session... not to mention the valuable time it takes!

Also, I'm sure you're thinking, "Why have a hat AND put your hair up in a bun?!"  Well, the hat doesn't have to be worn.  You can use it as an accessory... something for your hands to do.  Play with it.  Throw it up.  Use it to kind of hide behind while giving me a fun, flirty look.  So many choices!

a bun with a bow accents a shirt dress with heels and accessories


Shirt dress




Blue Heels

Coral Watch

Gold Watch  (In case the coral one isn't your thang!)

Gold Earrings

Super Cute Bun