The G Family~ Aurora Family Photographer

I love those hard working soldiers we have.  And this Daddy is one of them.  He was home on leave so it was family picture time.  He was SOOOOO excited to have family pictures done (*she says with OVERWHELMING sarcasm...*).  Seriously, Dad's are always... ummm... how to say it nicely... not too into pictures.  :) But, at the end of the day, we got some cute ones and he loves his family so much that even though he was trying to be tough we got some pictures of the softer side.  Plus, the awesome mommy and I met up for dessert to look over all the pictures.  She is SO cool.  One of the greatest things about this business is meeting new people... and Rachel was no exception.

Little Miss Thing in her princess get up. This is when her REAL personality came shining through.