Miss Debbie~ Breckenridge Cancer Photographer

This woman is a fighter, to say the least.  She has been battling cancer for NINE years.  NINE!  She's had breast, liver, brain, and... shoot... one more... dang!  I'll remember... give me a few minutes.  While we were on our respite week up in Breckenridge  the head Domus Pacis woman asked me to do a photo shoot of Debbie.  Debbie was visiting her sweet sister, Barb, for the week and they were put up in what I can only imagine was a wonderful space to enjoy a week long, much needed vacation.  The entire shoot I just imagined going through this with my sister.... watching her suffer the way I'm sure Debbie has.... and wow.  What an overwhelming thought.  She was nothing but positive and a complete pleasure to be around.  Her wig looked SO awesome that when I answered the door I couldn't tell which one was wearing the wig.  She was beautiful inside and out and I will be forever grateful for being able to document this trying time in her life.  I wish her a long life of recovery and HAIR!


I think she is laughing here because I asked her which of her 3 sisters is her favorite.


And of course I still can't remember the 4th... I'm so lame.  But, she's amazing.  And anyone lucky enough to know her has been blessed!