Preslee Pie~ Breckenridge Children Photographer

Last week we were lucky enough to head up to the mountains for a week off.  It was nothing short of amazing!  One of the silver linings of our situation is having wonderful people wanting to do wonderful things for us.  A group called Domus Pacis Family Respite GAVE us a week in Breckenridge with all kinds of amenities provided for our family.  (I'm sure they're accepting donations... :))  We partied hard... cancer style.  :)  We did every outdoor activity we could find, road the gondola up the mountain FOUR times.  The kids could NOT get enough of it.  It was truly wonderful.  It is also a photographer's dream come true!  I went and did mini shoots with each kid, in a different location, on a different day.  I also did some pictures of my parents together (they came which was so awesome), and pictures of a beautiful warrior fighting her own nine year battle.  Pictures to come on all that. Our baby turned two while we were there.  She's been two in spirit for quite some time.  :)  She's our little pistol.  Our TRUE red-head.  She's got spunk, fight, and a touch of an attitude.  She knows what she wants and she WILL get it, dang it!  We couldn't love her more!