Addi Girl~ Breckenridge Children Photographer

This child.... honestly, she couldn't be more perfect... couldn't be more adorable... couldn't be more sensitive...  Sometimes my Mommy-guilt sets in.  She is the middle child and I do my best to not let her have "middle child syndrome".  But, right now, honestly, it's hard.  With Carter going through everything he's going through and with Preslee being such a little spit-fire right now (and potty training), I worry constantly if I am being a good enough mommy to this little sweet heart. She is IMPOSSIBLE to stay mad at.  I dare you to try it.  You won't be able to.  Her heart breaks into a million little pieces when she knows she's done something wrong or made you upset in any way.  She sobs very sincere tears and just wants to hug you when she knows your upset with her.  Every ounce of frustration or anger instantly melts.

She is also our little snuggle bug.  Always has been.  Ever since they handed her to me the moment she was born, she has loved cuddling (every mother's dream).  She will constantly come to us (sometimes if she wakes up to pee or something at 2am...) and sweetly ask, "Can I snuggle wis you?" in her cute little voice.

We could not be more in love with this little girl.  I just wish I could freeze her like this so she doesn't turn into a mouthy teenager.  She also says she wants to stay little forever because she doesn't want to "be a mommy and have to get a I.B."  (IV... when you have a baby you have to get one.)  I know there is a reason the dear Lord gave her to us... not sure what that reason is, but I'm not going to question it.  I could spend every last moment of my life with her.  She is my little angel.