christmas jammies!

This shoot was for real reallllly fun!! The girls wore the cutest jammies and I had my room totally decked out. I mean, look at these cuties!! For sure their fave group pictures is the one with Cricket! First AND ONLY time she has ever been on my bed… except for the time she got on their when we were gone and DESTROYED Bryan’s Beats headphones. It wasn’t her finest moment! haha! If you want to be one of my Spokesmodels for next year (you’ve got to be Class of 2020) email me today!! Applications close in a week!


Maddie’s shoot was the only one we had to reschedule this year.  We had a crazy week of foggy mornings and I knew how important sunlight was to her.  I’m so glad we did because the sunshine we got the morning of her shoot was perfect! It truly was so beautiful and showed off her amazing hair flawlessly.  Maddie, thanks for hanging with the crazies of scheduling!!  You’re a champ!

taylor the college grad

Taylor’s College Graduation shoot was AMAZING!  And it was so.dang.cold.  I had on my winter coat (zipped!!), boots, and gloves and I was shivering.  Two different times we had to sit in the car for 10 minutes with the heat full blast trying to warm up.  It was nuts.  But it was also worth it!  Her pictures were so beautiful and what a great time to take pictures!  

She is taking off in a few months to move to Alaska with the Air Force to be a nurse!  Her parents are so proud and I’m so happy I met her through her beautiful little sister Kelly (who’s high school senior pictures I did a few months ago).  This family is for realzies amazing.  I adore them!


Shawna’s shoot was a complete Party!  Literally!! She brought along her two horses: Party and Prince.  They were such beautiful animals and reallllly good sports considering the fact that we were right next to very active railroad tracks. Party even went down into the trees and took pictures with us over well over an hour.  Guys.  I even got one of Party SMILING!! His smile isn’t nearly as pretty as Shawna’s! Shawna, thank you to you and your amazing parents for allowing me to be a part of this special day.  It was a dream!!  


I loved Paige’s shoot! It was a beautiful early morning session filled with sunrise and city views. We headed over to a beautiful stream for our second location… snow run off. That’ll wake you up!! Paige and her mama are NOT morning people so the fact that they didn’t get into town until midnight the night before (they came from Kansas!!) and were up at 5am for their session was beyond impressive! Way to go girls!! I kept telling them it was worth it… hopefully they agree. :)


I’ve knowns Hunter’s parents for years. We have even vacationed together (take me back to the beautiful beaches of Mexico!!). But I haven’t ever spent time with Hunter until his senior session. At first he was simply putting up with us mamas. But by the end of the session he was excited for the ordering session and super excited to see and pick out all of his images. I call that a serious win!!


I knew Elizabeth wanted something really special for her session.  She had mentioned she wanted nature AND something fun and funky so I suggested the RiNo Art District in Denver.  That place did NOT disappoint.  Every direction you turn is a new look and a new fun wall.  I could have shot there allllllll day long!  I love it when my girls are up for something new and different.  And I LOVVVVEEEE it when they trust me!  


For Kelly's shoot we headed out to the Paint Mines in Calhan.  It was worth the hike!  I was so glad she braved the early morning with me because we had thunderstorms NON STOP for a few weeks straight.  It would have been super stressful and her beautiful curls would have been toast!  It was such a great morning!!  Loved every moment I spent with Kelly and her darling mama.


This beautiful girl came all the way out to sunny Colorado Springs for her senior pictures from Kansas.  She wanted a different look than all of her friends and I think we delivered.  She was exceptionally sweet and so appreciative.  I LOVED spending my morning with her.  Hopefully she had as much fun as I did!!

P.S.  Yay for another successful morning shoot!  The week of Monica's pictures AND the following week were jam packed full of afternoon storms!  


Luke and I have a long history.  It started with his mom being Carter and Addi's kindergarten teacher.  We absolutely LOVED having her spend so much time with our children.  She was even Carter's teacher when he was diagnosed with cancer and came over on her off time to tutor him and make sure he didn't fall behind while not going to school.  Fast forward a handful of years and I took his sister's senior pictures... and totally fell in love with her!  Being amazing definitely runs in this family.  Luke was a dream to photography and I honestly couldn't have asked for better locations!  The only problem was me trying to get pictures of him serving the ball.  For real, guys, I was STRUGGLING!!  haha!!


Elise flew out for her senior pictures from Oregon.  She wanted the Colorado feel and since I did her sister's pictures a few years ago it only seemed natural.  Speaking of natural, have you ever seen such a natural beauty?!?  Every picture was complete perfection!!

Plus, I've known her forever... ok not quite THAT long but for sure since she was in braces and much much shorter.  It's been amazing seeing the beautiful and kind young woman she has become.  


Natasha is so darn cute!  She drove 12 hours to get to me from Missouri for her senior pictures.  We had beautiful weather and so so so much fun!  I loved watching her dance in the middle of the street and hearing about the 25 schools she has toured while trying to decide where she is headed next year... I mean, a dancing business major needs to be picky!  Thank you, Natasha!  I adore you!!


To say this cute boy is a crack up and goof ball is an understatement.  He is a BLAST!  He is, hands down, one of the happiest humans I have ever met.  And he plays the guitar amazingly.  (Look out ladies!)  One day, hopefully lots of years from now, he will make some girl very very happy and keep her laughing for the rest of their lives!