what to wear for senior pictures

Not sure what to wear for your senior pictures?  Go with YOUR style.  If you are a super casual person, make sure you don’t stray TOO far from that for your pictures.  It’s obviously okay to dress things up a bit, but you want to make sure the pictures reflect YOU and who you are at this time in your life.  

Make sure you have a lot of different colors.  I love the color blue... and if I’m not careful, I will wear blue 5 days in a row.  For your senior pictures you will want to have a lot of different colored outfits.  Also be aware of what colors you look good in and what drowns you out.

Don’t be afraid of patterns.  Bigger patterns are great for pictures.  It adds texture and variety.  The patterns to steer clear of are the really tiny ones.  Gingham, for example, isn’t great for pictures because it reads weird on camera.  It also looks strange if it’s creased at all (like if you’re sitting down and the shirt is folding a little like it naturally will).  But go for patterns. 

Textures are a must. It add interest without being distracting.  Lace and scarves are great examples of adding texture in simple ways. 

Writing on clothing?  As a general rule, don’t do it.  Even though it is super cute in real life, when someone looks at your senior pictures you want them to see your beautiful face and personality shining through... not stop to read your shirt.  Save those for school.  :)  So, unless there's a special meaning behind the writing, I'd say pass on it.  

Figuring out what to wear for your pictures can be crazy stressful!  That's why each one of my clients receives a copy of my "What to Wear magazine which is almost 80 pages filled with everything from genres of clothing to body shapes to skin tones.