I LOVED getting to know Kristen and her mom at her session.  Her senior session was full of highs and lows…. Starting with the POURING rain.  Guys.  Not kidding.  We ended up in South Denver before we finally escaped it.  And even when we did the wind was a little…. well, windy.  Kristen brought these super cool balloons with her to her sessions.  They were HUGE gold numbers.  2, 0, 1, and 7.  We got them out of the car to try to take a windy picture with them and before we walked 10 feet from the car off flies the 7… into the heavens.   I thought Kristen would burst into tears but instead she burst out laughing… which is what the rest of us did.  We decided to move forward with the rest of the balloons and just use them as a backdrop when off goes the 2!  It. Was. Crazy.  Despite the… we’ll call them “setbacks”, Kristen’s pictures turned out beautiful and you can’t tell we had that nutso weather.  So so grateful for girls like her who just roll with the punches.