Rachel makes me think of what my Addilyn will look like when she's all grown up.  Stunning with dark curls, light skin, and very very VERY blue eyes.  I couldn't get over her eyes.  Honest planet:  I didn't touch her eyes.  They really are THAT blue.  Gorgeous, right? We were worried about rain at her shoot (because this summer is the "Summer from Seattle" in my books... rain nearly daily) but the weather held out and the pictures turned out just beautiful.

Make-up: Sephora

girl shows off her long dark curls with hands in her hair

young woman lays on a blanket in a cream sweater

using sunflowers as a prop a beautiful girl smiles in a blue dress

high school senior girl laughs while sitting in a field of flowers

a green blouse perfectly compliments the soft skin of this teen girl

four inch coral stilettos are the perfect accessory to add to  a white lace dress

pretty girl sits on chair with sunflowers as an accent in senior pictures

beautiful black and white images pull emotion from viewers