Delaney is seriously one of THE sweetest girls I know.  When I first met her she was reserved and a little quiet.  As the shoot unfolded we DEFINITELY saw more of her personality come out.  This is one of the main reasons I like meeting with my clients prior to the shoot.  I don't want the shoot to be the first time I meet them.  With each session I try my very hardest to capture true personalities... and I think I've gotten rather good at it.  (Yep, tooting my own horn...)  Delaney, thank you so much for allowing me to take your senior pictures.  I'm a better person for knowing you! Hair: Sara Munson

Make Up: Sephora


golden light falls on brunette sitting in grass in sundress

Wheat frames the dark locks of hair on gorgeous teen girl

jean shirt and shorts worn by girl sitting on broken fence

Giggles escape senior girls mouth while posing for the camera

She's just so pretty.

simple outfit completes a beautiful look of teen girl on stairs

backlit girl sits on vintage chair by fence