Make Up Night!

A few weeks ago I had a make up night at my house!  I had my super awesome make up artist come and teach high school girls how to apply make up.  They got to practice on a friend and follow along as Tabetha did one of the girls' make up.  The girls seemed to have a lot of fun… and so did I!  They went home with a beautiful, sparkly eyeshadow attached to one of my business cards… hint hint!  ;)  I think this needs to be an annual party! brunette with scarf shows off pristine make up

Professional make up artist applies make up to a senior girl

Putting make up on friends eyes while sitting on a counter

Sisters putting eye shadow on one another.

Applying make up to a friend in order to learn

Everyone gathered in the kitchen learning about make up application

heavy blush is a veery important part of picture ready make up