Chelsea {Colorado Springs Senior Photographer}

Working with Chelsea was such a treat.  She models and has a part time job all while  going to high school.  The weather was… less than ideal but she rolled with it!  It was actually a lot of fun.  We made it into a little game… try to get a decent shop in between the gusts of 50mph winds.  It was seriously insane.  I haven't ever shot in that kind of wind before… and hopefully I won't make a habit of it.  :)  Thanks, Chelsea!  It was a pleasure!!  

windy weather made for a beautiful high school senior girl photo shoot

senior girl laying on a blanket in a field

girl with brown hair pulling on the edge of mini skirt

sassy pose from seventeen year old girl overlooking garden of the gods high school female sitting on wooden fence

squatting girl peeking over sunglasses and smelling a rose

red wooden bridge and hoodie create a darling image of senior girl

highs school senior laughing at a joke in white dress and jean jacket

colorado springs model leans against a tree with a red rose