The Importance of Packaging {Colorado Springs Photographer}

I am a firm believer in spoiling.  Raise your hand if you DON'T like to be spoiled from time to time.  (Those of you with your hands up are lying!  We ALL love it!!)  For this reason I always give my clients a gift of sorts.   I usually ask them to make a wish list.  If they don't have anything on it (meaning they got everything they could ever ask for with the session) I will do a beautiful Christmas Ornament with their favorite senior image in it or something along those lines. I also have beautiful packaging.  I have stickers with my logo on it that I slap all over everything (don't want them to forget you!) as well as boxes and bags for all of their images to go in.  This is nice for a few reasons: 1) Keeps everything safe; and 2) who doesn't love to open a present?!  Even if you know what it is, it's still fun to rip something open when a fun gift is inside!  I mean, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't wrapped my own gifts for Christmas a time or two.  :)  (All us moms are guilty of it!)

The last thing I always make sure I do is to write my clients a thank you card to my client.  Choosing a photographer is just that.  They.  Pick.  You.  Keep them happy and guess what?  They will tell their friends!

The three best feelings as a photographer are:

1.) Knowing that your clients love their images.

2. ) Knowing that they love the prints they have purchased.

3.) Getting a call/shout out on Facebook saying how much they loved an unexpected gift.

gray aqua pink and white packages

gift boxes that hold photographs for clients