Professional Hair and Make Up {Colorado Springs Senior Photographer}

With my sitting fee comes professional hair and make up. It's hard to find someone you like in both of the categories but once you do, it's amazing.  I've heard placing an ad on Craiglist works.  I just asked around.   I have found some really talented girls just out of Cosmotology School do help me out with hair.  They go to my clients home and use enough product so that, even at the end of the shoot, their hair looks amazing!  For make up, I have settled on the Clinique counter at Dillards Department Store. I think a lot of different places would work but we are a little limited down here in Colorado Springs. Because I use the Clinique counter (FREE!!) I am able to give the girls a $25 gift card to spend while they are there.  That one seems to be a home run every time with the Senior girls!I have been very lucky to work with some naturally beautiful girls. However, the camera eats make up for lunch!  You need to go a little heavy on the make up to really notice it. I have done it both ways, (with/without hair and make up), and let me tell you, I will NEVER go back. I am also one of those photographers that believes that Seniors should look 18... not 25.  They can look 25 in their engagement pictures!  ;)

Check out these "before" and "after" pictures. These girls go from natural beauties to complete knock outs!  (Thank you Facebook-   - and my beautiful seniors- for the "before" images!)

cosmetology student spends time getting dolled up for pictures

mixed race beauty gets her hair and make up done for a photo shoot

Riley did her own hair (since it's short) but went for it with the make up!

Pine Creek teen gets hair and make up done

beautiful senior girl in orange top and playing at the lake

natural beauty made top model