Munchkins!~ Colorado Springs Children Photography

This shoot was SOOO much fun!  It was rained out once and on the day we actually ended up going we went back and forth all day long over the weather.  Mama and I both were THRILLED with how the weather turned out for us. It.  Was.  Perfect.

The kids were fabulous.  Grandma (who, for the record, did NOT look like a grandma!) came along to help.  Drool from teething didn't matter because we played in the water.  Sunlight was beautiful.  Honestly, we couldn't have asked for a better day!!

To make it even better, the awesome Mom that goes along with these two darlings works for me.  She does all of my ordering sessions with my clients.  (And she gets glowing reviews from them all!!)

baby boy playing in stream and throwing rocks


brother and sister playing in water and in grass

little boy playing in the grass with stick

girl in pink rain boots plays and splashes in a stream

girl in striped dress playing with beautiful flowers