LDS Baptism~ Denver Mormon Temple Photography

Boy reading scriptures outside of Mormon church Boy leans against tree in the shade outside of Denver LDS temple

Denver temple water fountain used for baptism pictures

Carter got baptized on Saturday!  In our church we wait until the ripe old age of 8 to get baptized.  The reasoning is that by 8 we recognize the difference between right and wrong and are ready to make those choices on our own.  I remember when he was diagnosed when he was just past 5 1/2.  We were trying to explain to him how long his treatment would be.  We told him when he was baptized he would almost be done.  Turns out we were off by a year but that's ok.  :)  The important thing is that the baptism is here which at that time, sitting on the hospital bed with my very sick son, it felt like this day would NEVER come!