Potty Training~ Colorado Springs Children Photographer

This is my youngest.  She's awesome.  And she's 2 1/2.  She's been potty trained since she was 23 months old.  (We were in an apartment and I wanted her peeing on THAT carpet and NOT on the new floors in the home we built.)   But, because she's a bit of a firecracker we wanted to keep her in her crib for as long as possible so she was stayed sleeping in diapers.  Lazy of us?  Perhaps.  Keeping our sanity in tact?  Most definitely. But now she's out of the crib and in her big girl bed (or "gi-gil bed").  So, away with the diapers (oh happy day!).  But, like a lot of things with parenting, it was a double edge sword.  She's up at the PRE-crack of dawn daily coming in and announcing "Goo Marnin'!" at the top of her little red-headed lungs.  Annoying?  Perhaps.  Cute?  Most definitely.

So, short story made long, we are really trying to push the whole "you can do this all by yourself" thing in reference to going to the bathroom, taking off her little undies, and putting them back on.  It's a LOOOONG process for her and often times her legs end up in the same hole or everything is backwards and in-side-out.  But, if this allows us to sleep until 7 then it sounds like a pretty fool-proof plan to me!  She's so darn cute and while it is truly the end of the diaper era at our place, I was doing the happy jig when I passed all the diapers along to a dear friend who still needs them around.  (Did I snicker when I did this? Perhaps. Was I absolutely over the moon about it?  Most definitely.)


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