Seriously?!~ Colorado Springs Children Photographer

We have ran full speed to meeting our medical deductible.  And I mean, SPRINTING towards it.  Carter managed to fall off our kitchen table bench on Saturday, breaking his ulna at his elbow.  Yep.  Broken elbow.  As my brother so rightly put it, "It's about time he has a normal little boy experiance."  Yup.  Agreed.

When Carter takes his monthly steroids his bones weaken.  The steroids make his bone marrow release all of their white bood cells into the blood stream so they kinda start over empty creating new ones.  (I'm not a doctor- shocked, right?- but if I understand it correctly, that's what happens.)  Hence the weak bones.  The pediatric orthopedic sergeon said it certainly isn't out of the question for Carter to break another bone before he's done with treatment.  Awesome.  Just what a parent wants to hear.

The good news is he only has the cast on for three weeks.

The even better news?  IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!  True story.  Carter couldn't decide between the green (which nearly glows all on it's own) and the glow in the dark.  So, the tech suggested he do green with a glow int he dark candy cane stripe.  JACKPOT!  So, on our way we were sent with the coolest cast around.  And, in case you're wondering on weather or not it really does glow, the answer is YES.  Quite well, in fact.  Like, I hope it doesn't keep him up at night.  But, he's a happy camper and headed to school with three different colored sharpies in hand for all his friends and teachers to sign it.

Because this has taken up a nice chunk of my week, I decided to make this my Glimpses 52 project for the week on Chic Critique Forum.  Next week, I am vowing to NO Carter in my Glimpses project.  He's getting the boot.  That kid just needs to stay out of trouble long enough for me to take pictures of his sisters!