What do YOU want for Christmas?

I am a poroud member of the Chic Critique Forum.  (It's a great place to hang out... you should go check it out if you're anything between a  budding photographer and a full blown photographer).  I am also a part of the Chic Critique team (I scout out awesome photogs and convince them to come teach "normal" folk like myself.) :)  I'd love for you all to go check this article out.  There is a DARLING little down syndrome girl who needs a home. So, I'll ask you again... what do YOU want for Christmas?  There's only so many toys Santa can bring your kids, so many Christmas movies you can watch, so many ways you can set up for Santa, but what is more affective in teaching your children about the pure love of Christ than by helping a beautiful baby girl be adopted into a loving, forever family? It's a good cause... what more reason do you need?