4 Ladies and a Dad~ Black Forest Family Photographer

Bryan is so lucky to have bought into a practice with two amazing partners.  This is one of his partners, his beautiful wife, and three adorable girls.  And his darling wife is one of the best teachers at our gym.  They were troopers traipsing through the dirt and trees for me.  We had a lot of fun.  This mama likes the more formal posed pictures, which, honestly, for me is a little bit harder.  Hopefully we got what she wanted.  They are a beautiful family so we were at a good starting point.  :) The highlight of the entire afternoon for me was when I was doing pictures of just the girls.  I had Dad standing behind me so that the girls would look at me and hopefully I could get some natural smiles.  They begged him to to the "screeching pig" (I think that's the name... if it's not, it should be changed to that).  And, boy, did he deliver!  I about jumped out of my skin!!!  It was hysterical.  One he should definitely start doing in the dental office just to see people's reactions.