Flash Back Friday: Grammie~ Colorado Springs Family Photographer

In March Bryan's mom came to visit. It was so much fun having her here.  (She left the day before Carter was diagnosed with cancer.)  Before we took her to the airport we went to the park (on a blustery day) to play.  I brought my camera so I could take pictures of each kid with their super sweet grandmother.

You hear stories about the dreaded "mother-in-law".  I must say, mine is a walk in the park. She's awesome. She's one of my closest friends and does her VERY best to not overstep her bounds.  (Which I know at times is hard. ;))  She drove up with me when we moved up here a few months ago and helped us get settled... which was REALLY nice considering we all got sick on the ride up and first few days here.  (Pres puked all night in the hotel room and Carter had massive diarrhea the morning we left AZ.)  She surprised the kids last month with a visit.  They were THRILLED!  They asked her if she was going to live with us and, of course, there were SOOOOOO many tears when she had to go home.  (It's in my grand master plan to get them to move up here once they are empty nesters and Dru retires.)  Anyways, it was a beautiful day at the park with tons of sun light to play with.  I got some cute pictures of the kids with her.

Grandmother and Granddaughter

Grandmother and granddaughter

Grandmother and Grandson


Grtanddaughter and grandmother

Grammie and Grandbaby