The Shaving of the Head~ Colorado Springs Children Photographer

Carter's hair was falling out for about 5 days before we finally convinced him to shave it.  We wanted to wait until he was ready.  It was his last thread of being a "normal" kid and we wanted to respect that.  His hair was EVERYWHERE (woot woot, Dashboard!)!!  I told people it was like having an Alaskan husky in the middle of an Arizona summer.  It was crazy.  It was on his clothes, his pillow, the couch, the floor, the table, the counter, the toilet, on Bryan, me, Addilyn, and Preslee.  Honestly, everywhere.

When he finally decided to shave it, I don't think Bryan or I were quite prepared for just how "cancer patient" he would look.  Carter has always had a TON of hair.  Nice thick mousy-brown-with-a-touch-of-strawberry hair.  The oncologist told us that more than likely it would not fall out for a bit longer.  But, as they tell us ALL the time, "Every child is different".  He does still have some peach fuzz for sure.  But you look at him and think, "Oh, that poor little boy has cancer!"  He has received tons of awesome hats from friends all over the country.  He has also received so much support.  Now, not everyone can shave their heads.  People need to keep their jobs and Bry and I are the very first to understand that.  We in no way expected anyone to shave their heads.  But we love that he received support from those who felt shaving their heads was an option.

Half way shaved

shaving his head

Now, I'm not gunna lie. This was hard for me. I had to excuse myself for a few minutes to have a good cry. I mean, try to envision your 5 year old bald. Going through this. It sucks. But he's so darn brave, it's hard to stay sad for long.  Plus, you can't live your life in complete tears.   Every few days I'll just go lock myself in the bathroom and have a good, long cry.  But then I pull myself together, thank the dear Lord for all the blessings I have in my life, and move on with my day.  I think crying is good for everyone.  I really do.  I know it helps me.  And usually it's something small that sets me off.  Something that wouldn't normally even phase me.
All in all, everything ended up good.  He refused to touch it when we were done shaving it.  But, once he saw it in the mirror, he thought it was hysterical that there was green still on his scalp.  I'm so glad he found the humor in all of it. That is something that we are really trying to instill in Carter.  That there is ALWAYS silver lining.  Always.  Sometimes you have to look super hard. But it's there.  Now he really likes it and doesn't want his hair to grow back until after Halloween because he wants to be Yoda for Halloween and he doesn't have any hair. :)  Love that kid!!