shawna- 2019 spokesmodel

Shawna is absolutely ADORABLE! Her parents are equally as fabulous. It was her daddy-o that found this amazing car for our 70’s themed shoot. I loved it so much and the shoot wouldn’t have been the same without it! The shoot also wouldn’t have been the same without Shawna. She is such a sweet person. She is also beautiful but being kind is so much more important! Nothing but pink puffy hearts for this high school grad!

class of 2019 spokesmodel team

This shoot was SO much fun!! I let the girls come up with the theme (70’s!!) and we just ran with it. The car was so much fun. Shawna’s dad had a very kind friend who washed it and drove it all the way downtown and let the girls climb all over and all inside it. They had a ball with it! I can’t thank him enough!!

team 2020's kyria

Kyria is different than my other TEAM 2020 girls. She is actually of the Class of 2021… which means I get to enjoy her for TWO years!!! Whaaaa? Are you as excited as me?!?1 When she approached me about NOT being an incoming senior and asked if she could still be part of TEAM 2020, I just couldn’t resist! I mean, who could tell this adorable face no!? I am beyond thrilled to hang out with this darling girl for the next few years. I see some fun times in our future!!

team 2020's abby

I have been super lucky to have taken pictures of Abby for a few years. I have also done her older brother’s senior pictures AND her older sister is one of my Class of 2019 Spokesmodels! I can’t wait to get to know Abby better. If there’s anything I’ve learned through shooting the last 11 years it’s that siblings are typically really different. Only once have I had siblings want the same location. Abby’s Senior Session this summer will NOT be a let down, I’m sure!

introducing team 2020

These girls! Ugh! They’re AMAZING!!!! I am BEYOND thrilled to have them as my TEAM 2020 girls. They are the face of my company for the next year. They will be getting to know me reallllly well as we spend time together not only at their personal senior sessions but also at some killer bonus sessions! I adore my group of Spokesmodels each and every year and this coming year won’t be any different!

Here’s to a killer Class of 2020!!

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christmas jammies!

This shoot was for real reallllly fun!! The girls wore the cutest jammies and I had my room totally decked out. I mean, look at these cuties!! For sure their fave group pictures is the one with Cricket! First AND ONLY time she has ever been on my bed… except for the time she got on their when we were gone and DESTROYED Bryan’s Beats headphones. It wasn’t her finest moment! haha! If you want to be one of my Spokesmodels for next year (you’ve got to be Class of 2020) email me today!! Applications close in a week! jenwyeth@gmail.com